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5-8 You like a traditional guy and relationship. Ryan Phillippe is your sweetie pie and you are his Pleasantville gal. Your way of life will be classic from courting to the beautiful white wedding. His way of life is rigid, no spontaneity with Ryan! Life could get very boring, very quickly unless you can make him stop ironing his underpants and find a way to land him before you tie the knot. 9-12 You're into the bad boys. You like to get around with the likes of Heath Ledger, Will Smith etc. You're the Courtney Love type, so your life is fairly unpredictable, exciting and impulsive. If you don't keep him on a tight leash, you might find his sausage hidden in another bun. Keep your wits about you and don't take any of his crap. 13-16 You like older men because they're powerful, confident, mature and they command attention. Brad Pitt has the looks, although they'll be gone quickly. So it's a good thing he has heaps of charm and especially money, for now and in retirement- and you'll be there pretty quickly with Brad! You'd better like good conversation because with an older guy he'll be on Viagra before you know it! 17-20 You go for the charmers. The ones who appear to have it all. Joshua Jackson may seem to have it all- the good looks, good sense of humour, charm and wit. But don't be fooled, among his many assetts are many girls. You're not the only one for this smoothie. Even if the wedding tackle is reserved for you his charm and flirting will be spread throughout the neighbourhood.